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Talent on demand has vetted virtual assistants who are ready to help you with your tasks. Get the help you need today, with no stress or hassle.

We have the talent that helps you get more done.

Do you not have enough time in the day?

Are you so busy that daily tasks are being missed?

Are your days out of control?

Do you have trouble filling essential jobs?

We are college-educated virtual assistants to cover any possible issue

How It Works

Step 1

Search our talent

Step 2

Submit work needed to talent on demand

Step 3

Interview our talent

Step 4

Hire your new remote assistant


Executive Assistant

10 task hours
20 task hours
30 task hours
40 task hours

Marketing Manager

10 task hours
20 task hours
30 task hours
40 task hours

Sales Development Representative

10 task hours
20 task hours
30 task hours
40 task hours
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Talent On Demand
Full-time hire
Outsourced tasks
Fixed Rate
Start time
4-8 weeks
1 week
Replacement effort
Easy: one email
Difficult: new hire
Difficult: New hire
2-4 weeks
Diverse skillset
Specific to role
Specific to contractor

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Frequently Asked Questions
After you schedule a meeting with the VA you will receive an onboarding link. When the onboarding form is complete your VA can start. In many cases, they start the following day
Absolutely! Our team has a lot of experience working with small teams, and solopreneurs. We know running a business is hard. We are here to help
Go to the about us section, and find the VA that fits your needed work. If they are available for work, click “book me”
You are not locked into a contract. An agreement of work and non-compete will need to be signed.
We verify all hours weekly. The team members submit their hours to us, we review them, and then we pay them. The software we use tracks keystrokes, screenshots, and delays. We will send a weekly report to you.
Once you select the package that works best for you, we will send you a recurring invoice. Payments can be done via ACH transfer and credit cards
That is why you hired Talent On Demand. We are your staffing agency. We will find you a new worker in as little as one day.
Yes! We are your staffing agency. If you have a specific need please reach out to [email protected]